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BS Tall Trees

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
Yesterday we headed to Tall Trees for a BS show. Tall Trees over the years always seems to be a good venue for me. I was still feeling a bit fragile after my confidence crisis last week resulting in over thinking my riding and a lack of confidence in my own ability. Although things were much improved we did have a moment warming up when her babyness and my riding resulted in a pole in the front legs and nearly a crash, however we built things up again and in the ring I was more than happy.

In the Discovery we finished 2nd with a double clear, I missed a turn after the penultimate which cost us a win but for once I was pleased with the performance.
In the 1.05 there was a tricky line to an upright and I just slightly over shortened which resulted in a rail but otherwise the round was good.
Still not quite to the bottom of the bitting issues, tried her in a jointed pelham at Tall Trees which whilst gave me enough in an arena she still wasn’t taking a great deal of notice. Will keep playing and seeing if I can find something she likes.

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15th August

Posted: 15 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
Struggling to keep up at the moment so I thought it may be a good time to give some excuses! Work (Health and Safety Enforcement) has been really busy and although I am used to starting at 7 I am also used to finishing at 3 which hasn’t been happening. Summer is always a busy time as Cornwall is packed and the complaints increase but I also am involved in a serious accident investigation which may end up in a prosecution, the investigation is similar to that the police would carry out. I am putting in a fair few extra hours which means I am getting to the horses later and arriving home later. Lacking motivation and time for things I usually enjoy such as updating the website.

Nothing major to report this week Bobby continues to tick over and we are currently trying some patches on him to try and help his nose rubbing. I am not sure how many more miracle cures I can try but you keep thinking there must be something out there to help him in the summer. I am seriously starting to look at selling him up country (where he may not rub) and to someone that would like predominately a hunting horse where I think he would excel galloping and jumping.

Posy had a few days off to get over Bicton and a chiropractic treatment from Dr Dave this week. I have had a play with some bits but it is hard to recreate the show situation in a quiet arena with a few poles. Off to Tall Trees tomorrow and we can see how things go then.

Hoping to do some more XC based schooling in the next few weeks and eyeing starting our BE campaign at either Treborough or West Wilts so watch this space.

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Posted: 11 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
Bicton was a bit hit and miss this time, still enjoyed a few days away but came away a bit frustrated as one of those times we took 1 step forward and 3 steps back. I have identified the two biggest issues to address, my confidence in my own ability (or not) and bitting for Posy.

The main aim for the meeting had been to progress to jumping Newcomers consistently remembering we have already done a few before. In retrospect maybe day 1 in the Newbury grass arena which isn’t the easiest was not the best place to start. The courses were nice but well up to height and technical. The 1.05 was a good round but we just lost balance coming to the last off quite a difficult line and had it down.
In retrospect at that point I should probably have stepped back and done something easier, so easy to say with hindsight! I am someone that always wants to progress so we carried on and did the Newcomers which was again technical and bang up to height, the course was good the problem was the way I rode it. Once fences start to get out of my comfort zone (it has been a while since I consistently jumped this height) I can over ride and this is what I did seeing a couple of strides that just were not there and therefore rushing her into the bottom of the fence and taking the pole out, for a careful mare this is not the way to help her progress.
There followed the I can’t ride and I am ruining my horse tantrums. In all fairness I can’t do that too often and had a good talking to from friend and trainer Zoe (I think Mum disowned me at this point!) Seriously it has always been one of the biggest elements of my riding I struggle with - confidence in my own ability. Maybe it is time to look at the sports psychology again.

So apologised profusely to Posy and vowed to do better the next day! The next day I jumped another 1.05 but this time in the all weather ‘Everys’ arena which has always been a good place for us to jump. I did pull out of the Newcomers though and entered instead a great new class they put on a 90cm Derby.

We jumped double clear in the 1.05 but I was starting to find steering and control an issue. She has been going sweetly in a Kimblewick but this hasn’t been the easiest for turning and she is starting to go back to leaning on the right hand.
Luckily as it was a warm day we had been able to jump early in the 1.05 and then Posy was able to put her feet up until teatime when we had our first go at a Derby. The biggest challenge was remembering the 22 numbered fences course (28 jumping efforts)! It including twice jumping out the ring, a devils dyke, a steep bank slope to a fence and a small jump on and off a bank. Wasn’t quite sure what Posy would make of it.

I needn’t have worried she was ace. A little unsure first time about jumping out the arena but from there on found it very easy. The steep slope back in the arena she happily came down and it was a case of slowing her not kicking her on. She did rather leap suspiciously off the little bank but made nothing of the dyke at the end. Again steering was difficult at times but there was plenty of room and despite being one of the slowest double clears we came 10th!
So the final day we just did one class and having learnt my lesson hoped to finish on a good note jumping the Discovery. The round doesn’t look as bad as it felt but basically she towed me around (maybe after the first day decided listening to mum is over rated) and I had a real job turning her. It is a testament to her jumping we made only one mistake.
So lots to work on with both horse and rider and lessons learnt.

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5th August

Posted: 5 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
Just packing ready to head off to Bicton tomorrow for another 3 day show jumping show. It is amazing how much we both come on each time and with the excellent facilities and fabulous organisation it is great fun too. Hoping to try and step up this time and focus on the 1.05 and 1.10 classes but the nice thing is we can easily step back if confidence, weather or any other random circumstance dictates!

Hoping my back and hip stand up to it. Ever since I tumbled off Bobby a month ago it has made everything stiff and painful. Sadly since my hip fracture my back, neck and hip can get quite temperamental, I regularly see a good local osteopath (amazing how if the horse needs treatment I don’t resent paying for that but I do my own) and at last I can turn my head properly and feel reasonably pain free (old and creaky before my time).

Will update on my return.

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3rd August

Posted: 3 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
Escaped for a weekend of training to friend and trainer Zoe who put Posy and I through our paces. Mainly working on improving the contact which has never been the most even and really riding her forward to the contact. It was useful that as well as working in the school we also did a bit of work in the field and I was delighted how much more balanced Posy was on the undulations.

As the contact improved we were more consistently getting a better and slightly deeper spot to the jumps.
Still a long way to go and have to remember she is still only 5 and much as I want things to improve overnight they won’t! Hoping to jump a few Newcomers at Bicton this weekend but if the weather is unfavourable or we are not quite together then can easily take a step back.

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31st July

Posted: 31 Jul 2015 - Comments (0)
Stating the obvious tomorrow is August and the year seems to be flying by! I am starting to look at the BE calendar and now running out of time but hope we can get a few runs in before the season ends. Looking at starting out at West Wilts in September when at least hopefully we may have had a bit of rain.

This weekend we will be training and then back to Bicton the following weekend for another 3 day jumping show.

The saddle so far has been a big success with both Posy and I liking it, strangely even her contact seems a little better since we have been using the new saddle.

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