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1st September

Posted: 1 Sep 2015 - Comments (0)
Had a lovely weekend filled with training which lets face it can often be more fun than competing as the pressure is off and you can appreciate the improvements! On Sunday I had a smashing dressage lesson with Stef Eardley. She was amazed how much Posy has improved since her last visit a month ago. This is something I think may be thanks to the new saddle as things really have looked up since that was fitted.

We worked on a variety of exercises to get her improved dressage marks. We then worked on walk to canter and back to walk. I explained I often struggled with the canter walk transition. Stef had a really good exercise of walking a 10m circle at E or B then cantering on the marker and continuing with a 20 meter circle. As you returned to the marker walking at the same time as starting a 10 meter circle. This really gets the horse to step through and under into the transition and they learn by repetition of the exercise. In the video clip we have already done the exercise on the other rein and she is starting to get the idea.
No rest for the wicked and instead of heading for home we went onto our jumping training Zoe Gwennup for a bit of the fun stuff. (That will be the next update!)

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29th August

Posted: 29 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
Took Posy to the Cornish Show Jumping Club’s show at Gwelavelan today. A venue that until now I haven’t been brave enough as it is in a huge field overlooking the North cliffs and quite an exciting place for young horses. It is a reflection of how far we have come together that we had a great time and she didn’t put a foot out of place. I was a bit worried though when I saw the powered hand glider heading in our direction!

The ground was the best I have jumped on all year. We just entered the Discovery and after a couple of not so great rounds and me lacking a bit of confidence I was really pleased with a smooth and easy double clear. Was very tempted with the Newcomers as well as it wasn’t the biggest but felt in the end that we just need to build up our confidence and I mustn’t get into the habit of pushing up particularly when our current aims are eventing at 90 level.
A lovely rosette (5th place) and a bit of prize money made the day even better. Have some training planned with Stef Eardley tomorrow to polish the dressage and Zoe Gwennup on Monday then hoping we can get cross country schooling a couple of times as we are now 2 weeks away from our first BE.

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27th August

Posted: 27 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
Quite a contrast with Posy over the last day or two. Yesterday we went to Cornwall Trec’s evening dressage show. We did Prelim 18 and she produced a nice test for 76.5% and won a competitive class by 3%.
Actually having spent so long trying to settle her it almost needed a bit more sparkle so I guess you just can’t win.

This evening I had fun with a friend playing in her school with some simulated xc fences and exercises. I was a little worried when hacking over to receive a text that Vanessa had got carried away designing the exercises!

The school is not huge so kept it small but had a simulated ditch rail, brush fence, skinny and angles. Posy found it very easy, the balance between the fence is not what it should be but the exercises she coped with well.
Trying to plan the weekend but as yet the forecasters can’t decide how much and where it is going to rain. There is a jumping show on grass weather permitting and I also have some training planned.

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25th August

Posted: 25 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
Picked Sarnie up from stud tonight and delighted that I was also allowed to borrow her bestest buddy Batty (these two hated each other for the first few weeks).

Sarnie was in her usual diva form rearing in the lorry when she thought she was to be separated from her friend but was delighted when she came too.

However now I have two horses to feel responsible for and I am sat here writing this with the rain lashing down wondering if I made a mistake not putting rugs on tonight (it isn’t cold I know and there are good hedges but………….)

Hoping they can stay with me as long as possible and then both go back to Mel at Trenerth Stud for foaling. I have decided that I am not having the responsibility of foaling Sarnie she is just too precious.

Meanwhile with the rain lashing down there is nothing exciting to report on the ridden front. Hoping to do some dressage with Cornwall Trec tomorrow but wonder if the weather may have a say again. Weekend plans are also up in the air until we know what the weather is planning. Need to get some more cross country schooling in too but currently no chance!

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22nd August

Posted: 22 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
What a miserable day and weekend of weather! I know some parts of the country are scorching but in Cornwall in is wet and muggy with rain varying from hard to good old Cornish mizzle! In some ways it is not a bad thing to have a quiet weekend for Posy I am aware with Bobby not doing much I must be careful not to over compete her, however balance this with the fact she thrives on work and mental stimulation. I have finally deemed her ready to go to her first BE and entered West Wilts in mid September. Hopefully this can be followed by Pontispool and Bovington before she gets a month off. Hopefully this should set her up nicely to push on as a 6 year old.

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19th August

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 - Comments (0)
Well the care and attention my horses get has been sadly been lacking this week and it is sack the owner time! Yesterday morning I arrived at the yard (Bobby is out at night and Posy by day) to find Posy wandering round the property! Some idiot (looks the other way) hadn’t shut her door properly the night before, although I think she had probably only discovered her freedom shortly before I got there. No major damage to Posy or the yard thankfully. There is a closed gate so at least she couldn’t leave the property and start heading back to Ireland.

Yesterday we went cross country schooling, only popped studs in behind and was booted and had over reach boots on. Today when I got her in from the field I noticed a front shoe missing, following an hour walking up and down the field it was not to be found! Slowly a suspicion was dawning on me that I may have lost it xc schooling and not noticed, sadly on close inspection of the video this appears to be the case. So some very shoddy stable management which cannot be repeated!

Anyway cross country schooling was very good. We did have some green moments early on and a misunderstanding at a fence that nearly resulted in me hitting the deck (luckily not recorded on camera). I guess it was in the early stage we may have lost a shoe! As we went on confidence grew and she really started to feel very classy.
Hoping to take her back to Chyverton as plenty of fences to progress to and reinforce the positive messages. Just need to get the shoe back on!

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