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16th November

Posted: 16 Nov 2015 - Comments (0)
It was good to get out competing again yesterday after a 6 week break. We dropped back a level as it was our first show indoors and the first competition trying the combination bit. We headed to Tall Trees which although an hour and a half away offers good courses and is somewhere I always seem to do quite well (a definite factor).

We did the 95cm amateur class and jumped a nice double clear to finish 2nd. We then jumped the Discovery and produced another double clear for 4th place. (Was really pleased with last turn).
Only one video due to temperamental computer but you would probably be bored with all 4, they are on my Youtube page if you feel like you are missing out - here.

The combination bit certainly gave me more control almost too much in an indoor setting needed to make sure the revs were kept up. Usual issues raised their head of a lack of balance and struggling to land on or change to the correct lead. That is what we have the winter to work on. Can’t complain with no poles down all day.

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14th November

Posted: 14 Nov 2015 - Comments (0)
Still having computer problems hence the less frequent updates. I am sourcing a new computer but hanging on now to see if any bargains around on Black Friday. The current laptop may be thrown out the window before then so if all goes silent you know why!

Mum’s wrist may need an operation waiting for the consultant to decide this week. Really don’t need her to try and keep up with me on the pins and operation front.

Yesterday had a day away and headed up to the Countryside Raceday at Cheltenham with my good friend Gwendra. Needless to say I didn’t pick a winner but a good day was had by all. Great to get up close to the racing and see the cross country race (no idea how they remember the course). There was also a fun session early on where Charlotte Dujardin gave McCoy a dressage lesson. There was some really good banter between the two and McCoy actually sat amazingly well for someone who found the horse,saddle and position very foreign. Steering was an issue and Charlotte used her horse to keep him going in the right direction it was great fun.

Tomorrow we have our first competition for 6 weeks so feeling a bit rusty. Off to Tall Trees for some show jumping. Hope we remember what to do. Full report (computer allowing) to follow.

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7th November

Posted: 7 Nov 2015 - Comments (0)
It has certainly been a roller coaster week. On the positive front Sarnie’s blood test was positive so she is still pregnant.

Bobby was viewed last Saturday by a young rider who loved him and he went very sweetly for, he was vetted on Tuesday and left for his new home on Friday. Very mixed feelings as I was very fond of him and if space and finance was not an issue he would have stayed. I certainly shed a tear when he left the yard and you always have that thought of have I done the absolute best for him.

On Thursday Mum managed to slip over on the way to the dustbin of all things and break her wrist. So the boot was on the other foot in A&E for once. Poor Mum is already very frustrated with the limitations and restrictions this imposes. Have immediately started use of the ArcEquine so hopefully this will speed up the heeling.

I gave Posy her first jump today when we had a lesson with Rob Stevens. Mum’s reminder that I had better stay on as we can’t afford two of us injured was promptly ignored as Posy deposited me warming up. She was struggling with sitting a bit more in the canter and I clearly asked just a bit much and next minute I was sitting on the floor.

Rob was very impressed with Posy although as you can see she never quite lost the sparkle!
She found the jumping so easy but as Rob said it is now a question of her sitting in the canter and bringing her front end up.
We finished by working on a simple exercise of changing legs over a small jump which she did well.
A good session even if I am now off for a hot bath for the aching shoulder and hip!

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1st November

Posted: 1 Nov 2015 - Comments (0)
Apologies if updates are not as frequent as usual I have some laptop issues. My aging laptop now has a keyboard that doesn’t work as well as a mouse pad that is not reliable. I only have one USB port that works which means I have to plug the keyboard in then change to the mouse when needed! It is slow and frustrating, researching the best value for money replacements currently or see if I get the current model refurbished. Annoying when I am told my laptop is ancient yet only 4 years old.

Had a super lesson with Stef Eardley yesterday. Worked mainly on getting Posy in front of the leg and actually going forward off taking the leg off. Quite a difficult one to get the head around but very effective.

Sarnie has been blood tested to check she is still in foal results this week. She looks pregnant but it could be she is just fat!

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28th October

Posted: 28 Oct 2015 - Comments (0)
Both horses are back in work after their holiday. Bobby only had 10 days off and sadly I have just put his sale ad on Horsequest.

I am very keen to find him a good home so if you are looking or know anyone suitable get in touch.

Meanwhile Posy is also back in work after over 3 weeks off. Just long enough to give her a good break but not too long that she has lost a huge amount of fitness. She has been hacking this week which has actually always been the activity she finds most difficult, she found it hard to adjust to the sights and sounds after a very quiet rural existence in Ireland. She is getting the hang of it now though.

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25th October

Posted: 25 Oct 2015 - Comments (0)
I’m back! I have to admit I am not really a holiday person but it has been good to escape from my self imposed equine pressures and work which is both very busy and intense at the moment. I am certainly not stepping back gently. Tomorrow I have to go to a Coroner's Inquest regarding a work related death I investigated, both horses are coming back into work and Bobby is being advertised, I have also taken on a 3 week part time job chasing 350 addresses to return their electoral register forms. I was hoping this would go into the new computer fund rather than pay off the copyright fine! I have finally resolved that and I did after some negotiation get a 50% reduction. However a £171 fine for using what appeared one free image off google has certainly taught me a very expensive lesson. So if there are less updates on here than usual you may understand why!

Holiday wise I can highly recommend Cumbria to anyone that wants spectacular scenery and great walks. The dogs have had a fabulous time and everywhere is very dog friendly including pubs and cafes. We were very lucky with the weather and the majority of the week was fine which made a huge difference.

It seems a long winter ahead, I need to set some goals and try and get my mojo back, I am very lucky to have a great horse, some fabulous supporters and friends but the loss of Caroline as a friend and mentor is a huge blow.

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