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The dressage that never was!

Posted: 1 Nov 2020 - Comments (0)

Well as forecast the threatened Saturday started wet and windy, Fliss was less than impressed to be woken up early and prepared for dressage. Mum and I discussed whether there was any sense in going but providing we felt we could drive safely we decided we would give it go. Fliss was loaded and the lorry warming up when the email came through to say it was cancelled. A very confused horse was taken off the lorry and put back to bed. Unfortunately no other parties this weekend that we could go to or even a school available to book. With a lockdown approaching in a few days it was a shame we couldn't get out for a last weekend's competition or even training. Since our trip away we haven't had any outings.

Ellie meanwhile is improving but still quite uncomfortable, she is certainly making the most of the required tlc.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2020 - Comments (0)

My last post explained how well Ellie's recovery is going and the hope she would be having shoes on Tuesday. Well I spoke too soon as this week has been a real trial and worry.

Tuesday evening she suddenly became chronically lame and I feared some very serious and potentially terminal. Huge thanks to Gordon at West Ridge Equine who came down and x rayed and has been a huge help and support throughout. We were pleasantly surprised to find the screw in the correct position no subsequent fracture or sign of infection around the bone.

There was a little sore in the heel and it is seems most likely currently that there is an abscess in the heel. I'm poulticing and changing dressings twice a day and she has been very uncomfortable but tonight she actually showed a slight improvement. We are by no means totally out of the woods but fingers crossed it is just an abscess and the treatment and antibiotics will do the trick. Not fun to see her barely able to put it down but she has stayed stoic in herself, very brave and an easy patient. So a few late nights and lack of sleep for me.

Still not heard from the insurance company if they are covering the claim (no reason they shouldn't) but if I had waited before I went ahead there could have been a real welfare issue and equally the wait and worry is causing a human welfare issue!

Never mind have our first competitive outing with Fliss tomorrow. BD dressage, outside and there is a wind, rain and flood warning in force - tell me now why do we do it?

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Reaching the dark side!

Posted: 27 Oct 2020 - Comments (0)

I have registered Fliss for British Dressage so really hitting the dark side. We have entered our first competition at St Leonards on Saturday which might be ambitious as have nowhere to school currently and it is outside venue with a wet and windy weather forecast. Maybe not one of my brightest ideas but equally I would like to get Fliss qualified for the winter regionals and only have a month left to do it. We have entered 2 Novice tests this weekend but would quite like to get her qualified in music too.

Tomorrow is 4 weeks post Ellie's operation and will be a big steo forward as she gets a set of shoes back on. I have been really struggling walking her out as she is sore in front on the roads and wearing through her dressings behind so have agreed with my vet we can get shoes on. Will be the first time I see properly the operation site and how it is healing before we decide how it needs redressing.

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X rays

Posted: 20 Oct 2020 - Comments (0)

Huge thanks to Gordon from West Ridge Equine who came and gave Ellie a check up on Sunday and re x rayed her foot to check all was well.

It certainly gives you a good idea on what has taken place and looks very DIY! The good news is the wounds are clean and the X ray shows no sign of infection. She is now walking out in hand and in a few more weeks will have a set of shoes back on and then can be walked out under saddle. She can have some turn out but for the moment in good weather as it can't get muddy or too wet!

Touch wood on the Fliss front her cough has improved and she is picking up work, she is certainly quite sharp at the moment and in major need of a clip.

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Sick ward update

Posted: 13 Oct 2020 - Comments (0)

It is now 2 weeks post op for Ellie and so far so good, her leg is dressed so we can't see how the hoof is healing and I have been told it will be about 3 months before the bone healing will be complete so we are a while off knowing. However she is being a star to deal with, it is the first time she has been box rested and she is adjusting well, happy whether in on her own or not and easy to walk out in hand in her headcollar for in hand exercise.

She has to be one of the few that comes back from a stay at the vets fatter and weller than she left. She can be pretty demanding though regarding tea and hay particularly if I am late.

Fliss has had a week off and looks like it will stretch to a couple as she has been having the odd cough so picked up a bit of something when she was away. It is frustrating as I wanted to capitalise on the huge steps forward we have made but equally there was nothing majoor planned so she can have the time she needs to get back to normal.

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Cherwell Show Jumping

Posted: 10 Oct 2020 - Comments (0)

So my final update from my fairly epic week away. Much as it was a bust week for Fliss it did seem rather pointless passing a BS show on the way home and not popping in for a round.

Cherwell is on the outskirts of Oxford and had a 3 day show on. They were very accommodating when I asked for an early jumping time and put me on first in the Newcomers / 1.10 open. We were actually on the M5 by the time the class was finishing. Cherwell is a bit special for us as on our one previous visit on our way home from training we did an unaffiliated show and jumped Fliss's first ever jumping classes a 75 and 85cm.

Firstly I have to say how impressed I was with their COVID security some of our local show centres could learn a lot. We had instructions emailed in advance, entered our QR code on arrival as well as had a temperature check. We were parked in dedicated distanced spots and masks were worn throughout site except around the lorry and on a horse. Despite the regime being strict everyone was friendly and helpful and it felt safe rather than restrictive.

So onto the jumping and it was rather wet, we were lucky and jumped in the lightest of the rain but it wasn't the most pleasant. When competing in a totally different location you wonder how you will match up standard wise and I was delighted we were competitive. Being first to go it was not possible to see how it was riding and the jump off section you just generally needed to go fairly quick with one tight turn that we nailed.

I don't think there is many horses that would have done dressage so well the day before and then gone onto be competitive in such a good class wearing virtually the same tack (an extra martingale was the only change).

When we arrived to collect Ellie I was able to access the live results and find out our round had been good enough for 2nd place and £55 so very well pleased. Fliss was quite pleased to be given the week off to recover but I think rather pleased with herself after such a great week.

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