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17th November

Posted: 17 Nov 2016 - Comments (0)
It has been lovely watching the foals develop and play, endless poo picking has given me plenty of time to observe! It is amazing how much education they just get in the field. At the moment they are beside the road that has tractors, waste lorries, fast cars and all types of traffic to observe. Sarnie takes no notice and neither do they. Last weekend they experienced shooting in a neighbouring field and later in the day a motor hand glider was circling low over the field. Good education although they are certainly not boring - Kensa was doing barrel racing practice around Sarnie which I didn’t catch on video and generally having fun.

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12th November

Posted: 12 Nov 2016 - Comments (0)
It was great to finally get out and competing after what seems a big break. We have not done much jumping so I did wonder if we had dropped in slightly at the deep end with an Arena Eventing competition at Colraine. I needn’t have worried whilst there was signs of rustiness it wasn’t too bad!

The jumping section was outdoors which was great unusually you did the rustic section first then the SJ bit. We were rusty and a couple of poles flew mainly my fault well one was totally and the other she could have helped me out more! However as the round went on it got better and better!

So all in all v pleased with progress poles dropped us to 5th but a good outing.

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6th November

Posted: 6 Nov 2016 - Comments (0)
Apologies for the lack of updates but maybe a reflection of the Shoestring lifestyle! I have today completed the door to door canvassing to follow up electoral registration forms so that should help Shoestring funds and I will now have some time back!

The girls have been ticking over and both clipped in the last week. Sarnie and the foals are still real time wasters. I have been asked a couple of times why Sarnie has two foals!

For the last 18 months Sarnie and her friend Batty have lived together both having foals by My Eclispse. They had a very special and close bond and I am sure Batty’s steady presence helped Sarnie finally get in foal. Batty had Tommy about a month before Sarnie was due, Sarnie was allowed to be Auntie and then later on both mares lived together very happily with their respective foals. Very sadly when Tommy was 3 months old Batty died in the field leaving Tommy an orphan. Thankfully Sarnie came up trumps and fostered Tommy, she doesn’t let him drink but he is definitely part of the family group and Sarnie has a headache keeping them both in check. Saying that Tommy like his mother has a fabulous easy going temperament which is a good influence on Kensa.

I have just gone over to the very dark side and registered myself and Ellie for BD so there will be dressage and show jumping reports this winter!

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23rd October

Posted: 23 Oct 2016 - Comments (0)
I think it is the case of the winter blues! God knows what I will be like when the weather is really wet and cold as to date it has been quite kind (Bovington excepted). Struggling to identify my goals and get motivated for the winter and next year. Probably not being helped by being so busy and struggling to fit horses in. Work is flat out and demanding and to add to that I am also doing another temporary job chasing people electoral registration forms which involves door to door visits. Always useful for a bit extra income but other things do slide! Fabulous as it is to have Sarnie and the babies home I now spend just under an hour a day poo picking. To add to that I have been feeling a bit off with a persistent cold and cough - mum has muttered about being run down but sure that is not the case.

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17th October

Posted: 17 Oct 2016 - Comments (0)
I will be totally honest Bovington wouldn’t be my most favourite event, perhaps just lacks a bit of character of some events. However felt it would be a great final run for Ellie to finish the season.

We travelled up on Saturday and walked the course in some horrid rain. The course was as expected (see course pics) and well within Ellie’s capabilities, quite a bit softer than Bricky. We headed off to our lovely stabling with Michelle Wylde and plaited Ellie as it was an early start.

I was awoken at about 4 by heavy rain hitting the lorry and it just didn’t let up. I couldn’t sleep convinced that sadly no event could survive the rain. I was moving the phone around as signal was iffy and indeed as the alarm went off at 6.15 a message did get through to say it was cancelled - so frustrating but appreciated the organisers speedy notification. Sadly at this point all signal disappeared on the phone and I had to get up and wander off in the rain to find a signal so I could text Nick and Jane who were coming to support. I then spent a fruitless half an hour searching the Internet for something else Ellie could do!

One very confused pony, as on a beautiful sunny day the plaits came out and we trekked home again just in time to catch up with several hours poo picking!

Rather a damp squib end to the season for maybe what has been perhaps not the greatest of eventing years by the high standards I judge things!

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14th October

Posted: 14 Oct 2016 - Comments (0)
Time is flying can’t believe we are half way through October. I’m feeling knackered a work related trip to London leaving a 4am and retuning at 11pm seems to have knocked the stuffing out of me. Def getting too old, mind you my stubborn refusal to pay for the tube and walking 11 miles probably didn’t help!

This weekend we have the last BE of the year with a run in the 90 at Bovington with Ellie. Not a favourite event of mine as I always get lost trying to find it!!

Good news I hope to have a website rejig in the next couple of months. The content and layout will remain the same but it will move to a different online platform meaning I can update it remotely and hopefully eliminate all the glitches and crashes that have meant updates have been less frequent.

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