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Shoestring holidays

Posted: 18 Mar 2017 - Comments (0)
As we are unable to start the eventing season it seemed a good time for a weeks Shoestring holiday. We have escaped Cornwall for a self catering stay in rural Shropshire. A lovely quiet spot with great views, plenty of walks for the dogs and easy reach of many interesting places.

Hopefully by the time I get back Ellie will be really ready to push on with and start doing some competitions. She has currently completed 7 weeks convalescence and is pretty much in full work. Rather than give her a week off just as she is reaching full fitness she has been dropped down to Mel Hennah to continue her work and keep her ticking over. Ellie is reassessed at B&W vets on the 7th April where I am hopeful we will be given the final all clear to carry on as normal.

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Good news

Posted: 14 Mar 2017 - Comments (0)
I wanted to thank everyone for their support and tell you I won the competition for a years sponsorship with dressage trainer Stef Eardley. I had some lessons last year with Stef and love her straightforward style and ability to get to the root of any problems. Her innovative exercises always kept training lively and interesting. The sponsorship entitles me to some free and discounted training with Stef who trains in Cornwall and around her base in Wiltshire. I am also able to offer any Shoestring followers a £10 discount for their first lesson with Stef. I am hoping to have a lesson at the end of the month so will report back then.

Now I know we are getting a lot of foal pictures but couldn't resist this one of the babies. Totally fast asleep after a busy morning eating and I got within 5ft of them without any stirring.

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See the babies go.........................

Posted: 10 Mar 2017 - Comments (0)
Tommy and Kensa were turned out after a few days in and they were certainly pleased to be out again! I think Kensa should be able to gallop and is certainly looking athletic, I have high hopes for my future event horse.

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Baby time and a plea

Posted: 8 Mar 2017 - Comments (0)
With some time in this week following weaning it has been a great chance to get to know the foals a bit better and give them some life experiences.

Each day they have had headcollars on, and been moved around the stable (not always as easy as it sounds with another one doing it's best to get in the way), they have been taught to back up and to be tied up and groomed. Kensa particularly appreciates the grooming, feet are picked out and we have even sprayed their tails and run the clippers in the stable. They have also had their feet trimmed, been wormed and had their tetnus jabs. They have learnt a lot and tomorrow they will be turned back out again to enjoy being babies, I am keen not to over do them but they must be able to be handled and have basic manners - so far so good. Getting them out to the field may be interesting as they have not been led properly yet and always had Sarnie to follow - watch this space!

Sarnie meanwhile is still very chilled and clearly feels she needed the break, I am off to see her tomorrow night and update her with the troublesome twosomes antics!

So finally a plea to anyone that has an account on Facebook. I have been shortlisted to receive sponsorship from dressage trainer Stef Eardley, it is now decided on the number of people that like our photo on her page. The link is HERE is you could like the page and my photo it would be appreciated. Competition closes on Sunday night. I have had some great training with Stef and would love to make it more regular.

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Posted: 7 Mar 2017 - Comments (0)
I still have not sold Posy which is very frustrating, her new advert has just gone on Horsequest and I would appreciate if people could share the word with anyone that may be interested. For ease of viewing she is based near Bristol with Jason Hobbs.

Horsequest Advert

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Posted: 4 Mar 2017 - Comments (0)
The thought of weaning the two foals from Sarnie has been causing me some stress and worry. I guess it is putting human emotions to the horses but I was convinced Sarnie wouldn't understand and be bereft, whilst as a minimum at least one foal would break a leg trying to climb out of the stable. Yesterday was D day and the plan was to bring them all in and then whisk Sarnie off in the lorry back to the stud where hopefully she may go back in foal again. Due to my lack of facilities and land we have agreed that Trenerth Stud will look after her and keep the foal, the nice thing is she is only down the road so I can visit regularly and be a proud Auntie.

What can I say the whole process yesterday went incredibly smoothly, Sarnie was loaded with merely a couple of whinny's and travelled the 30 minutes quietly, she arrived at the yard looked at the huge haynet and big straw bed, breathed a sigh of relief and tucked in. I had a text message today to say she is very settled and has not stopped eating. Clearly glad to see the back of them and have all the food to herself.

As for the foals it was much the same they tucked into their food and haylage and didn't even shout. Today there has been the odd whinny, I think Kensa wants to know where the milk bar has gone but as the pair of foals are firm friends there really is very little stress. I am actually a bit miffed that I have spent this long worrying about how they would react for such an anti climax.

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