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Presents for Fliss

Posted: 29 Sep 2017 - Comments (0)
One of the big advantages of such a big Shoestring community is the ability to get good feedback and advice particularly when shopping. So when Fliss needed a new rug I was able to get plenty of feedback with Fal and Horsewear Rambo proving most popular suggestions. Pictured modelling her new Fal purchase with Smartie trying to muscle in, seems he wants the doggy version.

So pleased with how Fliss is progressing and how easy she has been since arrival. I had hoped to take her on a fun ride this weekend but sadly the forecast is looking mighty unfriendly and as the emphasis should be on the 'fun' bit I may give it a miss.

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The Bricky that never was!

Posted: 27 Sep 2017 - Comments (0)
Sorry for the late update struggling with enough hours in the day! The last blog had us leaving for Bricky for our next BE100 run. We had a good drive up, it is a favourite journey of Mum's not only is it less boring than the motorway routes but we pass some lovely farm shops that have access for the lorry to park. Luckily Ellie is chilled about any unscheduled stops!

We went straight to the event on Friday teatime and walked the course as Saturday was an early start. As always it was beautifully build and prepared although in a couple of places quite wet after the weeks rain. Luckily checking the phone no rain was forecast. We went back to the nearby stabling, plaited Ellie, cleaned stud holes and tack and set an early alarm. Worryingly there were a couple showers and checking Facebook prior to bed Bricky posted they couldn't cope with any more. When I woke up an hour later and could hear the rain pouring I knew what the outcome was going to be and indeed when the alarm went off at 5 the text was already in with the cancellation. The only good thing was the extra hour in bed!

Poor Ellie was unplaited and looked very non plussed. Nothing worse than being at the event and it canceling, although the entry is refunded the fuel and time cannot be retrieved. Then again to be honest it is probably selfish to say this when the poor organisers have been spending months preparing the course and event only for the weather to wipe out the whole thing. We did at least do some show jumping and headed to a favourite haunt at Chard to jump the British Novice and Discovery. Ellie pulled it out the bag for a 4th place and £17 in the first class but we had a couple of rails in the Discovery.

So two more events left for the year at Calmsden and Aldon providing the weather is kind.

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Bricky bound

Posted: 21 Sep 2017 - Comments (0)
So tomorrow we head off for Bricky in Dorset one of my favourite events, the course always has a variety of challenges and is near maximum length. Ellie was clipped this week and is looking very smart, being a pony she was getting quite fluffy and looking a bit disreputable.

One of the original things about Bricky is that their dressage is always done in 20 by 60 arenas which is great fun. It always seems a long way though to head down the centre line!

Fingers crossed for another good run.

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Dressage Clinic

Posted: 19 Sep 2017 - Comments (0)
First clinic for Fliss this Sunday with Andrew Lovell. As important as the clinic was the fact that she loaded well, travelled well and behaved to be tacked up and got on was a big tick in the box.

Andrew liked her but joked I needed to stop buying horses which such long hind legs. At the moment her front end can't cope with the energy the back end produces. We worked at a slight should fore that allowed the hind legs room to come through.

Some videos of the best bits.

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Productive Day

Posted: 17 Sep 2017 - Comments (0)
Nice to have no competitions and a bit of a catch up this weekend. Ellie is now sporting a clip as she had got very fluffy, with Bricky next weekend it wasn't going to be fair to leave her any longer.

Meanwhile Fliss had her first dressage clinic. Andrew Lovell was at Chiverton for a Threewaters Riding Club clinic. Fliss was great loading and travelling well, good to do there and worked in the indoor school sensibly. Andrew loved her but soon recognised that her active hindleg was causing a few problems as currently her front end couldn't cope. We worked on moving the shoulders with some shoulder fore to allow room for her hindleg to work. She really tried hard and improved in the session. Poor girlie was very tired tonight.

Some clips of the best bits.

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Water training

Posted: 16 Sep 2017 - Comments (0)
So what happened to the weather, I remember previous September's with firm ground and summery weather. Currently it feels like winter, the ground in Cornwall is waterlogged and I have been soaked through twice today.

Ellie and I had a lesson with Zoe where we were both saturated working on related distances and keeping the bounce, energy and evenness in the canter. As you can imagine any video was out the question!

Meanwhile for Fliss it was the perfect weather for water practice! She can be a little wary of puddles out hacking and if she is to be an event horse the sooner she is splashing through water the better! The rain storm half way round certainly helped and we were soon splashing through the flooded roads and lanes. We also set off on a hack with a nice stream that needed crossing in a few places. She happily walked in and out with her friend Flynn and stood in the water. However we did have more drama at the second crossing where you had to walk down a slope to the water, despite Flynn walking in first she decided to launch to the other side in one bound nearly losing me in the water! The saddle rather shot up her neck leaving me in a bit of a dodgy position! We all survived and crossed back safely!

It is great education for horses at this stage to do a lot of hacking as they can learn so much so quickly.

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