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Leicestershire bound

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 - Comments (0)

Been really looking forward to my Dengie bursary day which is Tuesday this week. Weather gods are not looking kind, and seems we may have an interesting drive up tomorrow as there is a wind warning and torrential rain forecast. Sadly Tuesday is not looking much better so hoping the weather doesn't spoil things too much.

The day is starting with a flatwork lesson for Fliss and then a shared one with Ellie with Hannah Esberger and then after lunch we have lesson with both from NZ eventer Lucy Jackson. These were due to be outside so that might be interesting! Really excited to see the lovely facilities at Vale View and to have the eye of two new trainers. We also have feed assessments for both girls.

Been slightly worries about the EHV herpes virus outbreak that is in Hampshire and did speak to my vet today about the sense of travelling to a big show centre, I was reassured by my vet although we have agreed to that both girls will have the vaccination against the EHV virus as it can have such dreadful consequences.

I look forward to reporting all about my day.

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Posted: 7 Jan 2020 - Comments (0)

You may remember I told you I had won a bursary with Dengie well next week I go and receive the bursary and have the opportunity to train with NZ eventer Lucy Jackson and dressage rider Hannah Esberger-Hancock., I am lucky to be able to take both girls. There are 4 bursary winners and obviously the venue has to be relatively central so we are heading to Vale View in Leicestershire. I guess when you are based in Cornwall nothing is that central, the trip is 325 miles each way which I think will be just under 8 hours in the lorry.

The girls are used to travelling and travel well with nets and breaks for water but never the less it is bound to take it out of them a bit. We are just going to go to a friend on Sunday who is an hour away from us before doing the rest of the journey on Monday, it is at least mainly motorway. We will stable at Vale View and have lessons with both on Tuesday before another night stabling.

It is always a dilemma when travelling a long way a careful balance of making the trip as useful as possible getting the most out of it yet not totally doing the horses in. So on the Wednesday the route back takes us very close to Lyneham Heath where Owen Moore is doing a clinic so both girls will have another session on the way home. I expect after that they will need a few days off to relax and recover, I certainly will.

The sessions at Vale View are being filmed and will be featured in Horse and Rider as well on Dengie's website and social media. Also very excited to be getting tailored diet plans, I have been feeding Dengie for many years and it will be good to know if I have the products and amounts about right, certainly both horses are looking and feeling well.

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Reflections - Goodbye 2019

Posted: 31 Dec 2019 - Comments (0)

I was trying to decide if 2019 has been a good year and yes in general it has. It has thrown a few spanners in at the end (mechanical issues for the lorry and the death of my car) but hopefully that will be left behind us and we can make the most of a new year. 365 new opportunities to get things done. Anyway looking ahead is perhaps for another post.

We have reached the end of a decade, one in the beginning which eventing wise I was competing at Intermediate and Advanced with Sarnie and then had to rebuild after her retirement. Pip reached Intermediate before injuries caught up with me and she had to be sold but I was delighted that she went on for her new owner and successfully competed advanced. Ultimately mixed in with the fabulous horses there will be a few lemons and some less fun times. Breaking my hip was a big setback both mentally and physically and probably contributed to my total loss of confidence a couple of years ago. Certainly there have been ups and downs.

So 2019 hasn't been bad, I continued to rebuild confidence and instrumental in the fun and confidence was Ellie my project pony of coming up to 4 years. I did have a serious attempt to sell her but nothing came of it and I couldn't help being quietly pleased. However I suspect 2020 will have to be the year she goes on to teach someone else the ropes. She continued to progress in 2019 and was placed in her 2 BE runs with double clears as well as having some good placings British Show Jumping including in some meaty 1.20 classes.

Fliss meanwhile has continued to fulfill her potential, 6 runs BE and 6 double clears including 4 at Novice level and a placing at Launceston. She has won some good classes British Show Jumping and eased round some 1.20 tracks. She remains the most lovely person and a pleasure to produce. A really good solid foundation to push on in 2020.

I have had some super support from Mum, Nick and Jane Perry (no.1 Shoestring fans), friends and my fabulous sponsors. I have had some great training on the flat with Stef Eardley and jumping with Owen Moore and Caroline Moore.

For me I still struggle with the 'not good enough demons' but I am learning to control these and accept that I do a pretty decent job but I'm not a professional and therefore should not be constantly comparing myself unfavourably.

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Posted: 28 Dec 2019 - Comments (0)

A bit of a quiet few weeks. The lorry went for its test on the 18th December and sadly not seen it since. With the Christmas break and a fail on the brakes it has been difficult to get a retest booked and we are waiting for January the 3rd for it to be tested again. I hope it passes and it hasn't clocked up too many repair pounds in the process. Sadly my car has come out in sympathy and is making a fairly dramatic noise so needs to rush off to the garage tomorrow.

The weather at least is playing ball finally and a few days of dry weather is a huge relief and makes things so much easier. I am hoping that may be on Tuesday or Wednesday this week we can do some work in the field.

I don't want them too far off the boil as on the 14 January we have our day with Dengie which includes feed assessments and a couple training sessions which will be exciting. We will be getting training from New Zealand eventer Lucy Jackson and dressage rider Hannah Esberger-Hancock. The only frustrating thing is that the venue has yet to be confirmed and with a likely huge travel I would like to fit a few things in around the trip. We were originally looking at somewhere near Hickstead but at the moment the favourite looks to be Vale View in Leicestershire which is over a 600 mile round trip!

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Merry Christmas

Posted: 25 Dec 2019 - Comments (0)

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Jump training

Posted: 24 Dec 2019 - Comments (0)

Thought I may share with you a video I put together of a simple jump exercise I use. Helps the rider get a good eye and also focus on the landing and move away from the fence.

Play with sound on.

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