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Show Condition

Posted: 28 Apr 2020 - Comments (0)

Thought I would show the girls show condition bodies, certainly not sleek fit eventers!



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And breath.................................

Posted: 18 Apr 2020 - Comments (0)

In the last 2 weeks I have managed to accrue 45 hours overtime which is pretty impressive going and quite tiring. I have been very impressed as a whole with Cornwall Council's response to the pandemic and the flexibility of the management and staff. This weekend for me is more normal with no work. I am finding whereas the computer and internet used to be a relaxation after a busy day on the computer the last thing I want to see in the evening is my own.

The horses are continuing to tick over slowly, mainly just walking quietly out for an hour every other day and a little work in the field ground conditions allowing. Both are looking in show condition so maybe they need a change of career this year if we get back to doing any competitions.

I find it hard to keep the motivation going as I thrive on having things to aim at and certainly at the moment I am not sure if or when we will be resuming this year.

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A new way of living

Posted: 5 Apr 2020 - Comments (0)

Well we are two weeks in now to a very different world, let's all hope a temporary one but I sadly believe we may be facing restrictions for a while. So what life like at Shoestring HQ?

Both Mum and I work for Cornwall Council and are now based working from home. My job has changed enormously as generally I have been a visiting officer going to Commercial premises and undertaking various health and safety enforcement and advice visits. All visits have stopped except in emergency situations and predominantly much of my job simply can't be done. I am therefore part of the team enforcing the new Coronavirus regulations and for Cornwall a big part of this is ensuring that appropriate holiday businesses are no longer operating. Over the weekend the Council have had over 200 email concerned that holiday properties are operating and I have been part of the team following this up.

Horse wise most of you will realise the horses are not at home. The yard is 10 miles door to door, but I am the sole occupant of my yard so cannot delegate the horses to anyone else. I travel twice a day to see them and luckily see no one else as pretty much we have ensured we are isolated as much as possible. I have cut the girls work totally back and at the moment they are being ridden every other day, this will give me the opportunity to either pick them up or if circumstances dictate give them a holiday.

I know I am not posting here as much but we do have a really active Facebook page while this situation progresses and come and check us out there for regular Q&As, quizzes and interactive fun.

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Life changes

Posted: 26 Mar 2020 - Comments (0)

So where do I start, a lot of hopes and dreams for 2020 have disappeared and the selfish side of me is really struggling. The girls were going well and prepared for the first event of the season, I had a good plan and felt well prepared. I had overcome the horrid winter and kept my head above water literally only for Corona Virus to rear its terrible head.

Ultimately it puts my hobby into perspective particularly as I derive no income from horses and am in the fortunate position of having a secure job. I have always found the outbreak a worry but it has become increasingly more frightening and I am now at the stage where we are virtually self isolating and have been since before the lock down.

The yard is 10 miles from home, I rent 3 boxes in a self contained area so can luckily go to and from without seeing anyone. The yard owner is amazing but not horsey so would struggle to cope with my 2 hence I need to keep going. At the moment I am still exercising lightly, each one is being ridden every other day more to let them down to the stage I can give them a holiday if things dictate. I certainly have no intention to be doing anything risky at this point in time,

On the work front I am working at home as is Mum, we both work for Cornwall Council. Mine usually is out visiting business so I have challenging ways of delivering advice and also partly responsible for the new legislation closing businesses, a sad but necessary state of affairs.

I am hoping to keep the blog posts up but do try and check in on Facebook too as we are posting daily and having plenty of two way conversations.

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I'm still here

Posted: 22 Mar 2020 - Comments (0)

Sorry things have been quiet for the last few weeks. Too be honest been struggling after a bug and lacking motivation and then Corona Virus has come and frightened the life out of me. However as I am predominantly at home it seems a good time to get back to regular blogging and hopefully occasionally find some positivity in what is a difficult and frightening time. So expect a few blogs this week...........................

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Season Plans

Posted: 3 Mar 2020 - Comments (0)

We are fast progressing towards the start of the season and I am feeling quite underprepared. Say that the horses are looking and feeling great. The first entries of the season were completed today. Fingers crossed subject to weather we will be heading to

Cirencester - 21 March - Fliss Novice
Portman - 31 March - Fliss Novice and Ellie BE100
Bicton - 19 April - Fliss Novice and Ellie BE100
Withington - 26 April Fliss Novice or CCI2S
Broadway 10th May - Fliss Novice and Ellie BE100

We will probably break and reassess at that point! Most Novice entries now are over £100 before start fee, stabling and fuel so the cost is frightening. I have just taken on a second job training for a local college to help support this mad hobby!

Please keep fingers crossed for weather and hope to see loads of you out and about this year.

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