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Posted: 7 Jul 2020 - Comments (0)

Sorry things have been a bit quiet. Working in Environmental Health at the moment has been rather full on and have been working a fair few extra hours as businesses and tourism start to reopen. I have been part of a team involved in 15 webinars in the last month with 1,800 businesses attending.! Don't really have the energy or motivation to get going and also worried re travelling too far as yet.

Anyway starting to pick the girls up a bit and the video is from some jump training last week. I won't be eventing until Autumn as need to get the girls and myself fully fit.

However hoping to start a bit of local BS and possibly some dressage even threatening trying some dressage to music with Ellie - watch this space as non bling eventer tries to take on the challenge, I am not musical either! Thought it might make for an interesting blog on doing it with no previous experience or even a clue where to start. Thanks to Stef Eardley for advising me and Clare Deithrick for agreeing to help me put some music together. Watch this space and prepare for some fun and laughter

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Proud Auntie

Posted: 26 Jun 2020 - Comments (0)

Proud Auntie moment, on Wednesday Sarnie's 3rd offspring was born another filly. Already running rings round mother who is extremely proud but rather soft on her. Mother ends up following the foal rather the foal worrying where mum has gone.

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A lesson!

Posted: 20 Jun 2020 - Comments (0)

Well we certainly felt a bit rusty but was great to see sponsor and dressage trainer Stef Eardley today. We had planned to take Fliss but in the end Ellie got the nod! Waking her up to go was the main issue as her mid morning kip is an important part of her daily routine.

Ellie is a bit short of work and certainly schooling, she has mainly been hacked over lockdown due to the hard ground. I was delighted how she came out with a good expressive trot and really worked hard. We started by working on our flying changes and these were a bit hit and miss initially until we got her really connected and into both reins, I was losing a bit of straightness which meant the connection wasn't there.

I then persuaded Stef to have a sit on as I have been struggling to introduce the half pass. I have never ridden a good half pass so probably was the blind leading the blind. Stef thought Ellie was great fun and soon had her stepping across correctly in the walk. Again it is all about a correct contact and keeping the shoulders on the correct line. I still struggled a bit but eventually was getting a few steps so hopefully we can go away and work on this further.

Video is a bit from the changes.

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Posted: 16 Jun 2020 - Comments (0)

Very exciting news, not only was Kensa 4 at the beginning of June she is also now backed. It doesn't seem 4 years ago we had our first homebred, just hope she has a modicum of Mum's talent and a bit better attitude to dressage! She has been down to Trenerth Equestrian where she was born to be backed. A few early set backs including a wolf tooth and a bad case of the snots meant there was little progress early on but she has come on in leaps and bounds since. Huge thanks to Mel Hennah and Laura for doing such a ace job.

She has been long reined, backed and hacked having a proper education and seeing a bit of life. She is now trotting round the school sensibly and showing a lovely attitude and nice paces. She is still quite immature something that Sarnie's breeder in Holland explained they are all late to mature. We are therefore hoping to find some grazing for her and a friend and will chuck her out til next spring when she will come back into work and start her career proper.

It is tempting to do more now but realistically I can't manage 3 in work and the extra time will do her good. Sarnie still had alot of making up to do when we had her at 5 and saes me getting tempted to do too much too quickly. Really pleased with how she is looking and how she has developed with Mel. I think she is probably around 15.1 / 15.2 with maybe a bit more growing to do so will probably end up abouts mums size. She has a good front and a good bit of neck in front of you which will make a nice sit on. Really looking forward to getting going next year.

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Trying Rydale Jeans

Posted: 7 Jun 2020 - Comments (0)

Now lets be honest fashion and I do not always go hand in hand, yet I do need smart clothes for work and the odd social outing. I was delighted to be approached by Rydale to do a product review and have a chance to choose from their range. I am afraid I wasn't that familiar with Rydale although I have seen their stands at some of the big shows, I was actually pleasantly surprised with a wide range of clothing and fashion for a range of tastes and body shapes. I ended up spending ages browsing the website, found a birthday present for a friend as well as several bits that should suit me. The website is easy to navigate and the pricing is reasonable particularly considering the quality.

I was delighted to be sent the 'Ladies Embroidered Skinny Jeans - Ella' (RRP £29.99) which I did wonder whether would be ok for me as I don't have the skinniest of legs but they looked fab (pictured). A lovely dark denim with a great stretch making them extremely comfortable for walking and wearing all day but equally smart for a evening out. The dark denim pair has subtle galloping horses on the back pocket (picture below) which is perfect for me, the sorbet colour ones have small bumble bees and the khaki green pair have wild pheasants. They have washed well and I would certainly recommend them, I was told sizing comes up slightly on the small side but most of the time I am a 12, and that is the best size for me in the range.

If you haven't checked out the website they currently have a sale on here

Huge thanks to Rydale for the opportunity to try and review the jeans, they certainly have gained a customer in me and hopefully some of you reading this will check them out too.

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Blast from the past

Posted: 6 Jun 2020 - Comments (0)

I have been sharing some pictures on Facebook of different horses I have ridden and thought it may be interesting to share some here. These pictures are from the early 90's and are of Juno. Juno had been hunting before we had her and she was primarily bought for Mum however I had lots of fun with her too. She was a super show horse and won many cob classes unfortunately she was just over 15.1 so couldn't do the county shows but won many cups and trophies at local shows. We then grew her mane and did some small hunter classes and I even had a go at side saddle.

Had many fun days out hunting as well as doing a range of pony and riding club activities.

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