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Dressage to Music

Posted: 31 Jul 2020 - Comments (0)

Huge thanks to Clare Deitrick today we had the first proper run through of our music test, the music still needs some tweaking as does undoubtedly the execution but Ellie loved it. We are using tracks from Aladdin which Clare has put together and is still adjusting to suit us and how it rides but don't think we are too far off with a bit of practice.

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Ticking on

Posted: 29 Jul 2020 - Comments (0)

Had a good session jumping Fliss last night with Mel Hennah trying to tune up for the jumping on Saturday. Have a slight issue currently that Fliss is struggling with her current saddle and getting quite uncomfortable in it. It seems to fit fine but unfortunately needs changing which doesn't happen overnight and the new saddle is due in October. In the meantime one of Mel's fits quite well but means I can only jump when we are at Mel's, at the same show or she isn't using it. Realistically until Fliss has one of her own eventing is going to be limited.

Tonight we were refocusing on the dressage to music adventure and for this I need an arena at home. All I can say if you have never done an arena from scratch it is not easily and definitely isn't 100% accurate. With music it really should be but at least it will give me a feel, we have old guttering for boards and wood blocks and cones where letters should be. Took Mum and I a couple of hours to put it up. Now to work out how to get the music playing out there! We are using tracks from Aladdin for the music.

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Dressage to Music

Posted: 22 Jul 2020 - Comments (0)

Today we started our dressage to music journey. Huge thanks to Clare Deithrick for her expertise, today we prepared a floor plan for dressage to music. It seemed a good time to try something very different although being completely non musical and not a dressage diva it will be a tad challenging, therefore great to have Clare on board who will help me prepare our floor plan and music hopefully to debut at the Riding Club qualifiers in mid August. It is certainly a lot more involved and technical than I imagined.

We will be competing at Elementary level and have to include a number of compulsory movement in the freestyle test. It must include mediums in trot and canter, 10m circles in trot and 15 in canter, simple changes, a couple of halts as well as free and medium walk. We have also included some counter canter and leg yields.

I think we have a floor plan that we are quite happy with and potentially could be used by either girl. Next we choose the music and then hopefully put it all together. the 16 August might be a bit quick as I have never had a go before but it will be great to have the challenge.

It has been a funny old week with lols of minor issues and disasters today was no different when reversing the lorry in at the yard I overshot and hit the gatepost! Feeling hopeless!

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Dressage Lessons

Posted: 20 Jul 2020 - Comments (0)

Yesterday I had a couple of really good sessions with sponsor Stef Eardley, both girls surprised me how well they went. For both we spent a lot of time working on the contact and making sure it was even in both reins. Fliss particularly was struggling to properly give in the neck and bend through the wither but really improved.

Ellie we are working hard to develop the half pass, a bit of a struggle as I don't really have a feel for the movement. Stef had a sit on and got Ellie moving in both directions in walk but even when I got back on I struggled and found it so frustrating. We did eventually get a bit of a feel in the walk. I have not added endless video of the attempts as not that interesting. I have added a few clips of some of the work afterwards which shows just how well she is going.

On Wednesday we are looking forward to starting our dressage to music journey which will be exciting.

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First post lockdown show

Posted: 15 Jul 2020 - Comments (0)

Good to be out with the girls to a brilliantly run show at the local Pendarves Show centre. Not very often we see security checking entry and parking lorries but everything was done in an efficient and friendly manner.

The girls were pleased to be out and were entered in a class each. The show was busy but loved the sensible arrangements, we warmed up initially in a big grass arena before going to the surfaced jumping arena which had 5 practice jumps of a variety of sizes. This suited Fliss particularly who can get quite upset in a busy warm up and made preparing for the classes so much easier.

Ellie was first on in a competitive 1m open with some quick combinations. She was firing on all cylinders and really jumping making a couple of super turns and keeping going forwards in the distances, she won the class by a second and a half so we were well pleased, red frilly and prize money.

Fliss meanwhile was a bit fresh and pleased to be out. Probably by challenging Ellie I got her thinking and focusing whereas with Fliss the aim was more a nice double clear. Ultimately she wasn't really listening to me although jumped well, however a turn to the double at the end she just didn't lock on, jinked and we had no stride. A rail going in was well deserved and hopefully sharpened up her act slightly. I think we both need some more rounds to get our eye back in.

It looks like for the moment there is going to be a few shows to do locally and certainly for the moment no big trips or eventing planned but nice to have some competitive classes on our doorstep.

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Kensa - My first ride!

Posted: 12 Jul 2020 - Comments (0)

Friday was a red letter day my first ride on Kensa, she has been with Mel Hennah to start and she is now riding out and walk trot and cantering around the school. She is still quite immature and will now go back in the field til next year where she will start work properly. She was a lovely easy ride and very like her Mum to sit on albeit in a baby form. I think she will end up the same size as Mum too we measured her and she was just short of 15.2 currently.


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