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Flat out

Posted: 13 August 2019 - Comments (0)

Sorry for the silence but it is one of those times in life that everything is flat out. I am working with Sandie Robertson an Equestrian Performance and Confidence coach to try and get my head in the right place. One of the early exercises was to identify where you spent your time which was certainly eye opening and equally frightening as I really do have very little spare time. Summer is always silly season at work and to add to it I am doing a Learning and Education course which gives me a basic teaching qualification (more health and safety than horses sadly). This course is a day a week with an eye watering 6-10 hours homework a week. Perhaps now you may see why blogging has taken a back seat! Sorry am I making excuses!

Anyway off for a rest after my course tomorrow as we drive up for 3 days at Chard Equestrian with the girls. A favourite show jumping venue and they have added some derbies for this show which is very exciting. I am trying not to think of all the work that will have built up on my return! 

Ellie's advert has been out a week and have 4 people with varying levels of interest but no viewings yet, I think I am secretly hoping she may not sell although I really do need the funds! Watch this space!

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Big decisions

Posted: 7 August 2019 - Comments (0)

I think we all knew it may happen sometime but with reservations I have put Ellie on the market. Find her advert here

A project pony that stayed 3 years and has been one of the biggest pleasures to own you could imagine. Easy and straightforward yet has a huge amount of character. Ultimately though I am very lucky that Fliss is also showing a lot of talent and can I afford long term to run both at a good level? Fliss has a huge amount more progression to make whereas considering Ellie's size I think a lighter weight jockey would help her next progression, equally she can help a inexperienced or nervous jockey reach their potential.

Clearly she is not a cheap pony and if ultimately no one thinks she is worth the money then I will be delighted to keep her a bit longer.  I can assure those Ellie fans out there that she will be only going to the best of homes where she will be someones special girl.

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Pendarves British Show Jumping

Posted: 5 August 2019 - Comments (0)

It has been nice to jump more locally in the last few weeks. Pendarves is my favourite local venue with a good surface and a nice size arena. Fliss was jumping the Newcomers and there weren't huge entries as many of the multiple horse riders were at Bicton's 3 day show. The Newcomers course caused lots of problems with some quite tight dog legs to decent size uprights. We were near the end of the class and there had been no clear rounds. 

Fliss made it feel easy despite me adding a number of strides to the last making it more difficult not easier for the clear round. We were the only double clear so fabulous to win the class and come home in profit.

Much as it is a nice round I still need her to sit up more on the turns where she can fall on her shoulder and she also needs to learn to go with her head out more and less tight so plenty to work on. The Foxhunter looked jumpable but this week decided one class, one win it was definitely time to rest on the laurels!

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Dressage Lesson - Andrew Lovell

Posted: 3 August 2019 - Comments (0)

Had a super lesson with Ellie this week organised by Threewaters Riding Club. She really has stepped up again, I have borrowed a different bit from Morwenna Foster, a bomber bit which gives room for the tongue and Ellie seems to love it. We spent time working on a bigger trot, some walk pirouettes and some changes. She really is starting to sit behind and use herself so much better.

A few clips from the lesson

Sadly I have come to the decision to advertise her and a Horsequest advert will go on next week. Much as I love her to bits it is time for her to teach a kid the ropes or fly with an experienced pony rider and do FEI. She will not be a cheap pony and should no one want to buy her then I will continue to enjoy having her. I am sure I can offer a hefty discount if anyone wants to buy her for me to ride.

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Colraine BS

Posted: 31 July 2019 - Comments (0)

Apologies for the slower less frequent updates it is one of those times that everything is happening at once, work is incredibly busy andthere seems very little spare time!

Anyway last weekend both girls had a jump locally at Colraine. Ellie jumped the 1.05 and was really pinging but I knew we had missed out on our homework as after an event it is good to give her some athletic exercises at home to get her sitting and listening after the fun of cross country. With the ground so hard and dry at the time I couldn't jump in the field and never had the chance to  box up elsewhere. So we got a bit quick in the second half of the course and rolled a pole. 

Fliss meanwhile jumped a super round in the Newcomers and was quite quick finishing 4th, typically money prizes and rosettes only to 3rd. We then braved our second Foxhunter. She jumped a super round in the first round for a good clear.


Unfortunately the jump off we rather lost the power and had a major miss at the double, she managed to jump in ok but then couldn't jump out and we rather crashed on the back bar. Hate anything like this happening but she jumped the rest of the round well and good learning for another day.

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Stef Eardley Lesson

Posted: 27 July 2019 - Comments (0)

Had a really good lesson with sponsor Stef Eardley this week. Fliss was the lucky recipient and we certainly worked on the full range of movements! Starting with some simple walk halt transitions and then some trot walk trot transitions. 

Fliss has been slightly hollowing in the right canter so we worked on this. It came back to the quality of the trot and softening her through the neck and body. We worked on this using 10 meter circles and moving her in and out off the leg. As the trot softness improved so did the transitions. We then had a little play with some higher level movements getting the feeling of pirouette in the canter which really got the hind leg working. We then had a quick play with some changes


Would highly recommend a lesson with Stef if you get a chance. She has a great eye but combined with a good sense of humour and a really positive teaching style I find her a huge help. 

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