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There is no doubt about it eventing is an expensive hobby, I am very lucky to have support from my Mum, we both work full time and put all our money into progressing up the eventing ladder. I also take on additional part time work when I can. It is doubtless becoming more and more of a struggle financially both as we do higher level events and the fuel bills rise again.


This is something I hate doing and I try never to add up the full costs of my hobby otherwise I would be in hospital with a very early coronary! However I will just give you a flavour of the costs involved in doing a one day event:

  • Entries - Range from approx £70 (BE100) to £155 (Advanced)
  • Start Fee – £10-£30
  • Stabling (nearly always required) - £20 to £45 per horse per night
  • Fuel – Average £200-£300 but depends on distance (most things are a long way)

Day to day cost include all the normal such as livery, vet, farrier, feed, training and keeping the lorry on the road. Invariably things such as the luxuries like training suffer when perhaps they are the thing that would make the biggest difference.

What do I look for in sponsorship?

A new lorry and £10,000 a year!

Seriously I recognise that it is unlikely (I can still dream though) that anyone is going to sponsor all my eventing costs. What I would like to do is get together a team of sponsors that can either make a contribution towards costs or provide services or products that I use or need.

What can I offer?

The chance to be associated with an articulate and humorous individual that recognises and demonstrates the commitment and hard work required to compete successfully amongst the professionals. The equestrian community will relate to my struggles to fit in the eventing and all the associated work and training around a full time job.

I have a high profile in my local area and have developed some impressive social media and Internet links. Although more ‘mature’ than the many up and coming young riders, this does give me a balanced outlook and a good understanding of the importance of any sponsorship being a two way process. I am only interested in becoming associated with brands I actually use and like.

Winner 2011, 2012 & 2014 Equestrian Social Media Awards for an amateur rider. Also winner of the Event Rider Association award for best use of social media by an event rider beating Laura Collett into second place.

One of my biggest assets to a sponsor is my Internet and social media links:

Shoestring Eventing Website

  • Started in May 2009
  • Updated minimum 3 times a week
  • Recent figures (May 2014) indicate 35,500 visitors (per month) and 660,000 hits
  • Sponsors logos prominent with links to their site
  • Ability to publicise special offers or new products
  • Prominent promotion of sponsors and products

Shoestring Eventing Facebook page

  • Established page
  • Updated regularly
  • Can share sponsors status updates
  • Good interaction with users
  • Recent post had 10,500 views


  • Regular tweeter
  • Regular competition updates and pictures
  • Good interaction with other business and individuals
  • Can retweet or tweet sponsor information

YouTube Channel

  • 900+ videos
  • Training videos
  • 140,000 views / uploads
  • Ability to add sponsors logos or short advert at front of any published clips

I am also quite happy to offer the following:

  • Advertising space on the saddle cloths, clothing and rugs
  • Written updates or articles for any sponsors
  • Mentions at all BE events by the commentator when competing
  • Feedback and testing of new or existing products
  • Photo opportunities with the horses and / or me
  • Anything I can practically do to help my sponsor

I have a good local and national profile being well known in Cornwall where I successfully compete in the full range of equestrian activities. My eventing takes me all over this country and occasionally abroad. I have been featured in both local and national media including Ridgeway Rider, The West Briton, Western Morning News, the Eventing Radio Show and Horse & Hound.

Please also see the results of my 2013 Shoestring Survey (completed by 400 followers) that demonstrates the value I can give to sponsors (Link)

Would you like to become part of my team of sponsors?

Please contact me direct for a chat about how we can help each other.

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