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Become a sponsor or work with Shoestring

My sponsors and supporters are essential to the success of Shoestring Eventing. I enjoy working with a variety of individuals and companies for our mutual benefit, working to make it a two-way interactive partnership.

As an amateur Cornish event rider with a full-time job I am honest in the ups and downs that the sport brings. As a result of this I have a high number of dedicated interactive followers which are influenced by my reviews and feedback.

My current team of sponsors have recognised what I can do for them and for the most part approached me to work with them. In turn I only work with people who I genuinely rate their products and services and that compliment both the ethos of Shoestring Eventing and the group of sponsors I already work with. My social media is monitored by several equestrian magazines which can have added advantage for sponsors.

I am hugely proud of the work I do with sponsors. To quote a current sponsor:

"We have been sponsoring Shoestring Eventing for a couple of years now, we were delighted when Sarah-Jane accepted our offer to supply her with bedding and hope that we continue to work together for many years to come. Shoestring Eventing are just what we are looking for when providing sponsorship, the many thousands of followers of the brand, all being people that we want to reach. A vast number of equestrians (at all levels, social and competitive) in the South West (our customer base) follow or are aware of Shoestring Eventing.

Sarah-Jane provides regular interesting content that generates high post engagement. Sarah-Jane is responsive to all requests that we make (sharing content, using banners etc.), she also regularly and unprompted includes our company details in social media posts / product appraisal etc. This additional presence and association has no doubt resulted in increased sales. I can highly recommend Sarah-Jane as a committed equestrian professional. She provides a greatly needed and widely respected service for the equestrian community, for which she is clearly held in high regard by many."

How can I support you?

I am happy to take on long term sponsors that compliment my existing team. I positively enjoy working with small and large companies as well as individuals.

I have a very active social media across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and have great integration from my followers and a high level of trust. My website has over a million views a year and 76k unique users (2019).

I am happy to offer the following services:

  • Association with Shoestring Eventing a trusted brand
  • Exposure on the social media channels
  • Blogs and reviews as requested
  • Testing and reviews of products
  • Sharing of sponsors promotions and competitions
  • Photo opportunities and copyright free images for sharing
  • Exposure of products or services
  • Wearing of branded goods

What do I want in return?

I am happy to talk to anyone big or small. I enjoy working with start-ups and assisting the development process or equally spreading the word about existing products and services. If you just want a product trialled and reviewed, I have had great success doing this and those that I have liked have seen an increase in exposure and sales. Please do get in touch and see how we can work together.