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Review of 2014

Another very mixed year with far less eventing involved than I would like and rather too much time on the sidelines!

The year started off with two horses, Sarnita my retired advanced eventer who we planned to put in foal and Pip who I had the year before reached 2* level with. Since smashing my hip I had been struggling with pain in my hip and groin so the year started with another operation this time to reshape the hip joint which had grown unevenly causing an impingement. Whilst I was off crutches within a few days and riding within a few weeks the pain took a long time to subside. The surgeon said it would take 6 months for the benefits to be felt. Undoubtedly both the size of Pip and her movement did exasperate the problem.

Positive news was again being voted the Best Use of Social Media by an amateur in the Equestrian Social Media Awards but we again missed out on the judges award. It remains a frustration that the judging was never transparent, these awards have been discontinued and I think they may have run there course.

We missed the start of the eventing season in March as my hip was still troubling me but a few decisions were made including choosing Ricardo Z to become Sarnie’s husband.